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Gigabit Ethernet Switch
SFT-HPC Series
Model NO.:SFT-HPC Series

SFT-HPC series, Pure sine wave inverter with built-in MPPT controller, SFT-HPC Series is a module design. It has the advantages of high conversion efficiency, low power consumption and strong load-carrying ability.With intelligent control, users can set charging mode, (Utility as complementary power)AC first mode or DC first mode, timing inversion mode and timing utility mode, on/off mode. It is one of advancedhybrid inverter & controller in the world.

SFT-SP Series
Model NO.:SFT-SP Series

SFT-SP series of inverter with UPS & AVR & Battery charge.In DC/AC inversion mode, users can set this series of inverters to normal working mode or sleep mode. In utility mode, it has Auto Voltage Regulation (AVR)function,utilitychargingfunction(ACfirstmodel)andUPSfunction.This multifunctional low frequency pure sine wave inverter has the advantages of stable quality,strong load-carrying ability and long service life. It also can work inpoorenvironment.

SFT-SPC Series
Model NO.:SFT-SPC Series

SFT-SPC series of inverter with built-in solar charge controller and UPS function. Users just need to connect it with solar panles and batteries to configure a solar system. Users can set to sleep mode, utility first mode, solar first mode base on different using environment. This is a multiofunction, intelligent inverter with built-in solar charge controller.

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